White Paper: Introducing Mystery Insights

Break out of the reactive engagement cycle.


Are you relying solely on surveys to measure employee engagement?

Surveys can be a useful data-point, but they lead to reactive engagement tactics. Modern engagement requires tools that measure and facilitate connections among distributed teams.

That’s why we created Mystery Insights.

Unlike survey results that are static and prone to self-reporting bias, Insights analyzes real-time employee interactions to provide visibility into workforce connections.

With Insights, people leaders can identify gaps and discover opportunities to build connections between employees.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How surveys can lead to a reactive engagement cycle with tactics that waste effort and budget
  • What the future of proactive engagement looks like with Mystery Insights
  • How Insights can be applied across your organization to supercharge connections
  • How increased connection in the workplace leads to happier employees and better outcomes

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